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If you’re looking for something challenging yet rewarding, the field of Avionics is where you want to be. Learn what it will take to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.


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A brief summary of chapters 1 through 9

1In the first three chapters, you will learn how to give your resume a good makeover and dress it up for success. Take heed to the old adage, “Your first impression is usually your last impression.” You’ll want to know what I’m doing differently from my peers. This may shock you.

You’ll also learn how to overcome mistakes of the past. Every job you apply for conducts a background check, learn the loop holes that will make your future employer look the other way.

resumeFinally, take charge of your career with social media. Social media accounts like Facebook is great, but LinkedIn is even better. Learn how to grab the attention of hiring managers while they are on their lunch break!

2In chapters 4 through 6, we get right into the meat and potatoes of the book. Dive into the world of job fairs and learn the “REAL” do’s and don’ts. Staffing agencies still follow up with me years after our first encounter, I share with you why.

In chapter 5, I share my most coveted list of sites nearly every HR department go to for maintenance technicians like you and I. If you’re not on these sites, you’re probably still looking for work or afraid of getting laid off right now! Do youself a favor and get acquainted with these sites.

resumeFinally, in chapter 6, I reveal how I landed a six figure contract with the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia. A must read!

3In the remaining three chapters of the book, I summarize the importance of getting your name in front of the right people to make things happen for you. One of the most active job boards in the aviation industry wants your resume. By providing them with this valuable asset, they allow staffing agencies to conduct phone interviews with you to land you a job! How cool is that?

Chapter 8 reveals secrets about business in aviation that I have not shared with my closest friends until now.

resumeAt the close of the book in chapter 9, I slow the pace just a bit to help you understand the importance of being labeled as a professional in our industry. It’s not enough to call yourself a professional, it carries more weight when others label you as such.

I have been in the Avionics field for over 10 year. Thought I knew it all but after reading this amazing book, I picked up a lot of good information. I definitely recommend this if you are in the Aviation field. It covers everything and will help you move within the Aviation field in ways that you may not have though possible.

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Please note that you will be competing against an army of applicants but have no fear, in my eBook I reveal how to get hiring managers to remember you from a sea of job applicants.

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