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Reviewing Cessna’s Citation Mustang

Cessna Business Jet: Citation Mustang

The Mustang generates many strong impressions when you walk up to it. First, it is bigger than you expect a five-passenger seat jet to be.

--J. Mac McClellan

That statement was from an article in ‘Flying Magazine’ several years ago by an active pilot and columnist, J. Mac McClellan. After reading the article, I had the bright idea to review the Citation brand even deeper, starting with the mustang. I personally never had the opportunity to fly in a Mustang but doing a little research is just as thrilling…I guess.

During my research, I noticed that there were not a lot of quality reviews from the Mustang owners themselves. Starting at $3 million, it’s the least expensive of the Citation brand and maybe that’s why there’s not a lot of reviews on this entry-level jet.

Keep in mind that this is the first blog post is a series of professional reviews on Cessna’s citation business jets. In my opinion, Cessna has an elegant fleet of private jets that are designed to fit a wide range of mission requirements with uncompromising style, comfort, and safety.

Brief Mustang Stats:


The traveling range of the Cessna Citation Mustang is 1,150 nm (nautical miles). This is approximately 1,323 miles.cessna citation traveling range


The maximum cruise speed of the Cessna Mustang is 340 ktas (knots true air speed). This is approximately 391.265/ mph.


The seating capacity of the Cessna Citation Mustang is 5 (full grown adults).


The useful load range of the Cessna Citation Mustang is 3,140 lbs.


The takeoff distance of the Cessna Citation Mustang is 3,110 ft.


The starting price of the Cessna Citation Mustang is $3,285,000

Brief Airframe Detail:

The envy of the blue sky itself, but more than just beauty…

cessna, citation mustang, exterior

Five stripe designs are available to choose from to customize the aircraft’s exterior. The Mustang paint color palette offers a wide variety of stripe colors in both metallic and high gloss to complement the Matterhorn White over-all aircraft base color. Wheel wells also receive the base color while the landing gear is painted Cloud Gray.


Finest finishes and highest-quality materials for top-rate luxury…

With attractive styling and numerous amenities the Citation Mustang invites pilots and passengers to enjoy cabin class comfort on every flight. The Citation Mustang features club seating for five passengers with generous head room and leg room. The cabin is approximately 9 feet 9 inches long (2.97 m) measured from the cockpit curtain to the aft pressure bulkhead. A 4-inch (0.10 m) dropped aisle extending from the aft edge of the storage cabinets to the aft center console provides a cabin height of 54 inches (1.37m).

Automotive-style adjustable air vents and fixed position halogen reading lights are placed above each seat. Separate, fixed position lights illuminate both tables. Read more here»

avionics, avionics pro, g1000, garmin

At-a-glance awareness that is comprehensive and intuitive…

The Citation Mustang incorporates Garmin 1000 technology, which is the standard avionics system. Now what I’m about to say may be foreign language to a lot of folks but this is normal jargon in the aviation community. The Garmin G1000 is an integrated avionics and flight
guidance system providing flight, navigation, communication, surveillance, situational awareness, and aircraft systems status and alerting on three large glass displays. The system incorporates numerous functions and features. Now that wasn’t so bad…was it?

All performance data is based on the standard aircraft configuration, operating in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions with zero wind. Takeoff and landing field lengths are based on a level, hard surface, dry runway. Actual performance will vary with individual airplanes and other factors such as environmental conditions, aircraft configuration, and operational/ATC procedures.

To get in-depth information read the brochure below or visit

After going to Cessna’s Citation Mustang page and reading articles about the Mustang, watching videos and writing this review page. I give this business jet: 4 1/2 stars. Below is a podcast from a blog that I follow ( This audio is courtesy of and I make no claims to the property of this audio. — Special thanks to: Stephen Force

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  • Anthony P.

    Are you a pilot? There’s nothing like flying a plane, whether it’s fixed wing or rotary. I think you should test fly the aircraft you’re researching and then you can write about them.

    • fritzavionicspro

      No, I’m not a pilot. I’m a technician. I simply troubleshoot problems and bring the aircraft back to service. I agree with your last statement. I should test fly the aircraft I’m researching but that can get expensive.

      Thanks for the comment Anthony 🙂