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Would you buy Google Stock at $1k a share?


I have a question for everyone, is now the right time to invest in Google? This may sound like a rhetorical question but is it really a good time to invest in this online giant?

I remember when Google came out with their IPO back in 2004. I was a Corporal (E-4) in the United States Marine Corps and the internet was still in its infancy stage. I had a good friend at the time that shared the same views and interests as me and we evangelized the IPO to our entire squadron. Some of the Marines back then thought we were crazy for investing in a ‘search company’ as they would put it.

It would have been great if we purchased stocks in 2004 but we didn’t, it wasn’t until I picked up Sergeant (E-5) that we made the plunge a year later. Since then, we sold our stock and made our money back but I’ve regretted selling my stocks. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything to retire on but I learned a lot about buying and selling through my Scottrade account.

When we placed our open market trade, we bought GOOG (the ticker symbol) for Google at $280. This was in the month of June in 2005. I invested $10,000 in the company I knew was going to evolve the information age. We both had 35 shares each that month. Keep in mind, that I was being discharged from the military June 29, 2005 after serving 5 honorable years. I sold every last share since then and made I investment back but I wish I would have kept those share today!

If I would have kept my cool, I would be $35K richer. AHHHH!!!! We live and we learn!

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Question: Would you invest in Google today? Yes or No?

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